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Corrie MacColl launches the Cameroon Outgrower Programme: Empowering 13,000 rural farmers

10 June 2021


This is a terrific and innovative programme for 27,000 smallholder farmers producing sustainable natural rubber. LendXS supports Corrie MacColl and be part of the journey to help these farmers obtain the financing they need to invest in their firms and improve their livelihoods.

IDH Farmfit Fund investment and partnership

28 May 2021


IDH Farmfit Fund invests in LendXS to jointly unlock more smallholder finance opportunities. By integrating risk analytics, affordable technology, and impact capital we can now bring smallholder financial inclusion to the next level. Supporting rural financial institutions to build viable investment portfolios by reducing risks and costs of smallholder finance.

Case study on the development of the LendXS platform

24 May 2021


Nairobi, Amsterdam Incentro Got to work designing and developing In a nutshell - Concept & Design, Project Management, Branding, Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, & Integrations to Third-Party Software Together with the teams from Financial Access and Incentro, we started with an alignment session, making sure everyone is on the same page with a shared vision for the product. Wit

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